Uniforms could track truant pupils

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The battle to stop kids bunking off school could soon be taking a new twist, thanks to a concealed tracking devise.

Clitheroe-based uniform manufacturer Trutex is considering putting microchips in its blazers.

A survey on 809 parents and 444 children aged between nine and 16, revealed that 44% of the adults questioned were worried about the safety of small children and 59% showed interest in satellite microchips incorporated in uniforms to track students with ease.

The pupils, though weren't as keen with nearly while almost 40% of the under 12s the idea, teenagers didn't want to be spied on

Trutex's sales director Clare Rix, said the gadgets which could be installed in uniforms as a security measure for parents as well as a form of control for teachers and a way to reduce truancy.

The firm, is one of the largest manufacturers of school uniforms producing more than 200,000 coats and jackets every year.

The tracker plan comes just days after another uniform manufacturer announced it would be strengthening some school uniforms with a synthetic fibre used in bulletproof vests following fears by parents worried by the problems of knives in schools.