County hall leaders blast M6 link road ‘sabotage’

Sabotage: Vandals have targeted Heysham M6 link road sites
Sabotage: Vandals have targeted Heysham M6 link road sites
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County Hall bosses have slammed vandalism at building sites for a new link road, claiming lives are being put in danger.

Since work began on the M6 link road, county councillors were told “saboteurs” had cut hydraulic hoses on machinery, put sand in fuel tanks, let down tyres and damaged property.

Now members have unanimously condemned the “orchestrated” action, as well as those responsible for it.

Speaking at this month’s full council, County Coun John Fillis, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “This is the act of criminals.

“There are young people working on this site going to work to try and learn their trade - they shouldn’t be at this sort of risk. These people will not be happy until they have killed someone and that’s how serious it is.

“Building sites have always been one of the most dangerous areas to work in and this just makes it more dangerous.”

He added: “They are determined to cause maximum damage, that maximum damage is somebody dying, that’s what they’ll be happy at and that’s why they need stopping now and not after somebody is killed.”

He asked councillors to support calls to condemn the behaviour and the threat to workers’ safety.

County Coun Alycia James said: “This should be a cross-party motion, it should be supported by all of us.”

County Coun Darren Clifford said: “It’s not vandalism, it’s sabotage and every member in this chamber should support this. This is the way forward and saboteurs will not be tolerated.”

The actions were also slammed by County Coun Janice Hanson, and she added: “I hope these people are caught and dealt with.”