Toast to city’s favourite pubs over centuries

Steve Halliwell has researched 800 pubs as part of his contribition to Prestons 2012 Guild celebrations

Steve Halliwell has researched 800 pubs as part of his contribition to Prestons 2012 Guild celebrations

Spending too long in the pub is often the source of marital disputes and raging hangovers.

But one dedicated pub-lover has managed to spend 12 hours a day for the past six weeks locked away in 800 watering holes – and he is still going strong.

Steve Halliwell, a retired local historian, of Minster Park, Cottam, Preston, hit upon the idea of researching pubs of Preston over the past 200 years as his contribution to the 2012 Guild.

Beginning his research with a relatively small number of watering holes, his research soon spiralled to chronicling the history of around 800 pubs which have existed in the city through the generations.

Steve, who does not drink but is fascinated by the social history contained within pubs, said: “I would not like to say how long I have been doing it for.

“I would think 12 hours a day for the past six to seven weeks. Last Sunday dinner time my wife said ‘What did you say your name was?’

“I started with one little notebook and before I knew it I had finished up with six ring binders crammed with information about up to 800 pubs.

“I looked in trade directories, censuses, 19th and 20th century newspapers. Really the newspaper part is not yet completed I would like to do more of that but it is such a time-consuming thing.”

Now the project is almost completed Steve has launched a blog which lists every pub he has researched, including photographs, details of owners and sales of the building.

Steve said people researching family and local history have already started to look at the site and have supplied him with new information which he has used.

He said: “I am really pleased with the way it has happened.

“It is for family and local historians and quite frankly people who just want to reminisce.”

Among the lost pubs he has researched are the Anglers’ Inn, Pole Street, the Regatta Inn, Fishergate Hill and the Spindlemakers’ Arms, Lancaster Road.

To visit the site log on to pubsinpreston.blogspot.com.




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