There’s bags of style for kids as MadPax is cool for school

MadPax, the new fashionable 3D inspired backpacks
MadPax, the new fashionable 3D inspired backpacks
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Fashion starts young these days, as Aasma Day found out when she explored the range of backpacks for children.

Who says you can’t be fashionable at school?

Children in Lancashire are hoping to join the offspring of celebrities by being among the first to sport new modern backpacks which are 3D inspired and come in a range of bright colours.

MadPax, a multi award winning brand orginally created in Arizona in the USA has now been launched in the UK and the fashionable bags are available at Ribby Hall Village’s new sports store Activate so youngsters can get their hands on them in time for their return to school after the October half term.

The MadPax range is already proving to be a celebrity favourite and a number of famous faces and their children have already been spotted with MadPax including Jennifer Hudson and her son David, Jennifer Garner’s daughter Violet Affleck, Spike Lee, Willow Smith, Britney Spears and her son Sean and Hugh Jackman and his children.

MadPax aim to be the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality.

They have all the pouches, pockets and zippered capacity required and come in a variety of sizes: Nibbler, Mighty Bite, Fullpack and Halfpack.

The five collections include: Later-Gater, Spiketus-Rex, Bubble, Blok and Pack-Cessories and there are a number of new ranges that will be launched imminently.

The product designers say lugging school books around throughout the day is heavy work and finding a practical, durable and also snazzy school bag without a hefty price tag can be difficult and hard work in itself.

Ribby Hall Village’s sports store Activate is stocking the 3D inspired packpacks and power pack-cessories and prices range from £45 to £60.

Spiketus Rex was the first design, followed up by Bubble, which has semi-rigid, semi-circles that pop out from the body of the backpack.

These were then joined by Blok, a design which is aimed at fans of brands such as LEGO and Minecraft.

Bosses at Ribby Hall’s sports store say the “cool” school bags are already proving very popular.

Andy Carr, store supervisor at Ribby Hall’s Activate, says: “MadPax are proving extremely popular with parents and children are stopped in their tracks when they see the display we have in our new sports store Activate.

“The dinosaur and bubble editions in particular are the favourites so far.

“Although it’s early days, some parents are telling us they are putting them aside as Christmas gifts for their children.”

Activate is the new sports store at Ribby Hall Village and sells leading brands including Nike, Adidas, Asics and New Balance and offers a range of leisure and sporting wear.

• For more details about the store, visit: or call: 01772 674 555.

Your Fashion verdict: We’re impressed

LOOKING good at school can be very important to children of all ages and our team felt this range of backpacks offered a fun, colourful yet functional solution which will appeal to both parents and young people.

With many different designs, colours and sizes, there is bound to be a design to suit all tastes - and if it’s good enough for celebrity youngsters, it’s good enough for the fashion conscious children in Lancashire.

Some of the 3D inspired bags also look suitable for grown ups ... why should children have all the fun. Adults can use them as a backpack when out and about at the weekends or even as a work bag. Although these bags are modern and snazzy, there’s no point having a school bag that looks great if it’s going to fall apart in a few weeks.

This is why our team were impressed at how sturdy and strong the bags were and liked the way they were practical as well as fashionable.