Tenant’s anger over flood problem at his new flat

FLOOD: Paul McDermott, with the carpets outside his flat in Murray Street, Preston
FLOOD: Paul McDermott, with the carpets outside his flat in Murray Street, Preston
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An angry tenant has hit out at housing association bosses over a flooding problem at his new flat.

Paul McDermott, 46, moved into a Community Gateway Association property in Murray Street, Preston in August and claims an hour after having new carpets fitted there was a flooding problem.

He believes the water is coming in the ground floor flat from outside but says the housing association is doing nothing to resolve the problem.

Today Community Gateway Association said they are working hard to resolve the problem.

Mr McDermott said: “They are just fobbing me off. I want them to fix the flooding and reimburse me for the carpets.

“The carpets are ruined I have had to take them up.

“I paid £550 for the carpets, one hour after they were fitted was when the flooding started.

“They gave me a dehumidifier but that ate all the electric.”

He added: “They are trying to say there is nothing wrong with it. We are stuck in the bedroom, we can’t use the front room.

A spokesman for Community Gateway Association said Mr McDermott had been offered a ‘call anytime’ scenario but have not been called.

He added:“Whilst attending on the original repair appointment we found the carpet at the property was wet, we have since taken all remedial action to ascertain where the water reported is ingressing.

“We have completed a full drain inspection and other courses of action but at this time there are no signs of any ingress to be found.

“We have taken specialist advice from an damp proofing contractor, who has made numerous inspections at the property and there is currently no evidence of the issue reported been found by them.