Taxi drivers protest causes city centre gridlock

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Traffic in Preston city centre has ground to a halt because of a protest by taxi drivers.

The spontaneous protest, blocking Fishergate, is thought to have begun after a cabbie was ticketed for illegal parking.

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Latest news

It comes hours after county council bosses celebrated the completion of the £3.4m Fishergate Central Gateway Project with lowered curbs and wider footpaths - and vowed to get tough on motorists flouting pakring rules.

Mark Selley of the Preston Hackney Carriage Association, said taxi drivers were increasingly frustrated about the lack of spaces available to them.

He said: “There are 120 licences for taxis and there’s not enough spaces for them now that work is being carried out on the front of the railway station and the rank has closed in Charnley Street.

“I think the railway companies and the County Council have an obligation to make sure there’s enough spaces to cater for everyone who has a license, so people aren’t having to park illegally.

“I think what has happened today is that a driver has been ticketed by the station, and they believe the warden has ignored other illegally parked members of the public to target him.”