Stolen health trust computers are traced

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Computers stolen from workers employed by Lancashire's mental health trust have been recovered using a specialised tracking system.

Thieves stole four laptop computers from staff at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, which provides mental health services across the area.

The missing laptops were stolen from an NHS site in Blackpool, the boot of a car in Manchester, an employee's home in South Manchester and from a hotel room in London.

Health chiefs today revealed that no patient information was stored on the laptops and no data was breached.

However, they used a hi-tech system to remotely access and delete all content from the computers.

And aided by laptop recovery specialist Absolute Software and its Computrace product, the missing computers were tracked and located, allowing police to recover the devices and make arrests.

Bosses at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust say the trust is leading the field in terms of data security within the NHS.

Alan Boardman,technology security systems engineer at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, said: "With such a high percentage of remote workers moving between different locations, we have to be realistic about the security issues this presents. Theft is unfortunately inevitable.

"We decided to tackle this threat by implementing Computrace."

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