Shop owner ‘devastated’

Jenny Hollowood-Smith in her fire destroyed wedding dress shop in Farington

Jenny Hollowood-Smith in her fire destroyed wedding dress shop in Farington

A wedding shop owner has told of her ‘devastation’ at a fire that ripped through her premises.

Jenny Hollowood-Smith, who only opened the Personal Touch Bridal Boutique shop in Farington just 18 months ago, woke up to discover a blaze had devastated her shop last week.

Six fire engines attended the scene on Preston Road in the early hours of Tuesday morning last week, which caused the roofs of two upstairs flats above the shop and a takeaway to collapse.

The accidental blaze started in the flat above the wedding dress shop, and there was nobody there at the time.

She said: “I was in London visiting friends.

“My friend sent me a text with a photograph the morning after the fire, and I could see the firemen, and then I saw my shop.

“I couldn’t believe it. I started ringing round the fire stations.

“I managed to speak to a fireman in Leyland who said he was just going out to the scene, so he rang me back when he got there.

“I cut my trip short and came straight back to Leyland. It was worse than I expected.

“I’m devastated. I’d spent ages making the front of the shop all pretty.

Luckily the bridal dresses which were on order were wrapped up in the back, so I can only thank God for that.

“I was dreading telling those poor brides that their dresses were ruined.

“They’re at my house now.”

Kathryn Kee, who lives in the flat above Salon 7 Hair, next to where the fire started, said: “I heard water trickling through the roof and then I heard a fireman shouting to get out. Me and my 16-year-old daughter grabbed our shoes and ran out.

“There was loads of smoke and flames coming out through the roof of next door’s flat.”

“It was very frightening.”




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