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The people of Preston are being asked to put their mark on history – by coming up with suggestions for items to be buried in the Guild time capsule.

Guild memories, Guild memorabilia, or items from 2012 with particular significance for you, your family or the City as a whole will all be considered.

The Guild time capsule is modelled on Preston’s grade II listed bus station. It has been designed by Mark Newton, a Graphic Design student at UCLan.

The capsule has also been made at the university.

On Friday, the finished time capsule was handed over to Preston Council and will be buried in Preston city centre on September 6 to mark the anniversary of Guild Week and the 18 year countdown to the 2032 Preston Guild.

Professor Rod Dubrow Marshall, chairman of the board of the Preston Guild Link Charity and now a UCLan visiting fellow, said: “The Guild time capsule is a wonderful design that captures the spirit and history of the city.

“It is uniquely linked to Preston and when it is opened in 2032, its contents are sure to jog some wonderful memories of the last Guild and what the city meant to us at that time.

“We are now asking for people to come forward with suggestions for items to be included in the time capsule so that it fully reflects the cultural and sporting life of the city.

“We will include many Guild related items such as the official Guild record and Guild memorabilia, but we want people to add a personal touch too – perhaps photos of themselves or their friends and family enjoying the Guild celebrations.

“Just think of the 
interest in 2032 when the time capsule is opened.

“Preston people in 2032 will want to know more about the Guild of 2012 and the people featured in the time capsule. 
“A lot can happen in 20 years! This is a once in a lifetime chance to make history and we look forward to receiving suggestions and items.”

Coun Veronica Afrin, the Mayor of Preston, added: “On behalf of the people of Preston, I’m delighted to receive the Guild time capsule. It is a wonderful design and will be something to truly behold in 2032.”

The designer of the capsule, Mark Newton from UCLan, said: “Producing something to safeguard the memories of the 2012 Guild was a unique opportunity and a real challenge but I’m really pleased with the finished product.”

To suggest items for the time capsule email or visit




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