Sex website couple’s appeal fails

Richard and Amanda Holman

Richard and Amanda Holman

A couple who set up fake internet sex profiles in the name of a woman they had a vendetta against have lost their appeal against their conviction and jail sentences.

High Court judge Mr Justice McDuff said “it is difficult to imagine a worse case of harassment” and ruled magistrates were absolutely right in sentencing Amanda, 54, and Richard Holman, 45, to 26 weeks in prison, the maximum term.

The pair, who are divorced but share a home in Fox Hill Lane, Scorton, claimed their internet router must have been hacked when the malicious profiles, purporting to be Rachel Lyne – a woman who had a brief affair with Mr Holman – were traced to them.

When it was pointed out their home is in a remote area with very few, if any neighbours, they suggested through their lawyers that walkers on the footpath which passes by their home could be responsible for the hate campaign.

But Justice McDuff said their explanation was “fanciful” and found both parties had been involved in the harassment which led up to four men a day to Miss Lyne’s front door, believing she had offered them sex.

The pair will be eligible for release on tag from July 7.




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