Sex change cabbie quits new job

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A transgender driver's return behind the wheel of a taxi has lasted just a month.

Andre Edwards, 51, walked out of her job at Leyland-based Eco Cabs following a series of rows with her new bosses – and they don't want her back.

The move comes less than a month after the Evening Post revealed how the company, based on Mellor Road, had given her a chance to work two months after she was sacked from Leyland Taxis.

Earlier this month, Eco Cabs' managing director Dean Chapman praised Andre as an "exceptionally brave person who is an extremely well-qualified driver".

But, after Andre quit, Mr Chapman said: "I gave her a decent, honest chance – I did really try to look out for her and Andre was getting a fair crack of the whip.

"As far as I'm concerned she's quit – there's been no explanation, no calls and no text messages.

"There's no way I would be taking her back."

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Andre, who is set to undergo a full sex change operation inside the next two or three years, said she quit after raising concerns over how the business was being run.

She admitted that she had not been paying her full "taxi rent" of around 240-a-week as she was not being given enough jobs to pay the fee – a claim denied by the taxi firm.

She said: "I tried to make it work and stick with them, but there was no work. Dean seems to think I'm going to be running back with my tail between my legs.

"I am bitterly disappointed."

Andre said she is continuing to attend clinical appointments for a sex change operation.

Born Andrew, she has previously spoken of how she knew she was not like other children when she was just 10-years-old.

She claimed to have been sacked from Leyland Taxis for wearing a skirt and nail polish, although bosses at the firm said it was due to colleagues and customers complaining about her "bad attitude".

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