Randolph takes his writing dream into his own hands

Chorley author, Randolph Booth, has written a new children's book called 'The Lumpheads',

Chorley author, Randolph Booth, has written a new children's book called 'The Lumpheads',

When you want something done, sometimes it’s better to do it yourself,

After advertising salesman, Randolph Booth, decided to try his hand at writing a children’s book, he set about finding an illustrator to bring his ideas to life.

But after fruitless attempts, despite not having a background in art he decided to give it a go himself and The Lumpheads came to life.

The 30-year-old from Withnell near Chorley said: “I started with the idea about a year ago when my friend suggested it to me.

“I couldn’t find anyone to do the illustrations so thought well I’ll give it a go,”

The Lumpheads is a children’s tale about a family of four without any brains who are, what you might call, a little different.

Blamed decreasing the intelligence of residents within the fictional town, the family are ostracised from the local community until a series of less than smart decisions lead them on an adventure where they discover a sinister secret, and ultimately level the playing field.

Randolph said: “It’s a dark comedy designed to extend children’s vocabularies and give them a laugh too and to teach them about equality.”

Randolph has become so consumed by the fictional creations, he’s even made some plastic toys in his home laboratory.

He said: “I’d never made any toys before, I just looked it up on YouTube to see how I could do it.

“First I made clay models, then the silicone cases to pour the plastic into and then painted them.”

Randolph has now launched a campaign to raise the funding he will need to get the book printed and is looking for local support as he has just short of a month to hit his financial target.

He said: “I managed to raise £1,500 in a week but if anybody can help me reach my target of £8,000 that would be incredible.

“I would be a dream to be able to support myself with writing and I’ve got other stories in the pipeline.

“I’m even thinking of approaching Aardman Animations to do a TV series with them so it has potential to go really far.”

You can donated to Randolph’s campaign by going to www.kickstarter.com and searching for The Lumpheads.




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