Preston home blaze kills family dog

Tragedy: The Ribbleton house where the dog died
Tragedy: The Ribbleton house where the dog died
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Firefighters battled to revive a dog, which died in a blaze in a Preston home.

The Alsatian-type dog was killed in a fire that severely damaged a house in Moorside Avenue in Ribbleton.

Fire crews had to break down the door to the semi-detached property after they were called at about 8.10pm on Wednesday.

Three fire engines, from Preston and Penwortham, attended the fire, which broke out in an upstairs bedroom.

Watch manager Mark Woodward said crews were contacted by neighbours, who heard a smoke alarm.

He said: “When we got there, quite a lot of neighbours were on the street saying there was a fire, and they thought the occupants were in the house, and also they had a dog.”

Firefighters saw there was a severe fire in the bedroom at the back of the home and broke down the front door, so four crew members wearing breathing apparatus could get in.

They then searched for the occupants and put out the fire in the bedroom using a hose reel, and used a fan to clear the smoke.

Watch manager Woodward said: “The teams then searched the property and they determined the occupants weren’t in the building.

“But unfortunately we found their large family dog which we rescued and brought outside, but it wasn’t showing any signs of life.

“We did CPR, we tried to revive it, we ordered a vet, but unfortunately the dog died.”

Fire crews were at the scene for about two hours tackling the fire, which caused severe damage to the house.

Emergency support was offered by the Red Cross, who were working to support the family.

Watch Manager Woodward said the fire was thought to have been accidental, caused by an electric vacuum cleaner.

He said: “We would advise the public to ensure all non-essential electrical appliances are unplugged when you go out and at night time.”

The family was too distressed to speak to the Lancashire Evening Post, but neighbours spoke of their shock.

“It was such a shock that it happened”, said one neighbour.

“We were just thankful that the couple weren’t in the house at the time.”