Preston MP claimed £7,000 on home improvements

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Preston MP Mark Hendrick has spent more than £7,000 of taxpayers' cash on improvements to his homes in Preston and London.

Receipts in the MP's allowance files from 2004/5 to 2007/8 show he submitted claims for 441 on four mirrors, 405 on chairs with chrome legs and leather seats, 1,590 on a bed and pillows and 1,180 on a dining table.

Other claims include 132 on a table lamp, 156 on a floor lamp and a total of 1,666,50 on three wardrobes, one of which cost 901.50 on its own.

He also submitted claims for 3,868.87 for replacement doors, window frames, glazing and paint under the second home allowance – a month before he changed his second home designation from London to Preston.

And he bought an array of electronic items, including a 599 TV, a clock radio for 199, a 799 washing machine and tumble dryer and camcorder equipment worth 584 - all paid for by the taxpayer.

He claimed money spent on his garden through expenses - 280 on three claims for garden maintenance in total.

Despite having two homes, one of them in Preston, he claimed 146 for three nights at Preston's Holiday Inn in March 2007.

In addition he claimed 152 for a flight ticket for a member of staff, 64 for a 12-month subscription to Tribune magazine and four photographs from the LEP - at a cost of 20.10.

The receipts reveal Mr Hendrick also paid almost 2,000 to sponsor Preston North End's matchday programme and then got the taxpayer to stump up for it.

He paid the Deepdale club 1,880 for adverts inside the programme, on the front cover, on the teamsheet and an article on the club's website.

But he then claimed the entire amount from the February 2007 bill on his expenses.

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