Pint-sized R2-D2 Kenny gets his very own mini me

Photo: David Hurst'Star Wars fanatic Barry Smith of Leyland with his collection

Photo: David Hurst'Star Wars fanatic Barry Smith of Leyland with his collection

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The best things come in small packages - and pint sized Kenny Baker now has a mini me version of himself.

Star Wars actor Kenny, 79, who lives in Ashton, Preston and is famed for playing lovable droid R2-D2 in the films, has been immortalised in a limited edition figure which fans have been clamouring to get their hands on.

Photo Lindsey North'Copy Pic'Kenny Baker

Photo Lindsey North'Copy Pic'Kenny Baker

The figure is not an official Star Wars figure and instead of being of R2-D2, it is actually a tiny version of the 3ft 8ins star.

Each little Kenny figure is hand-painted and there are only around 300 around and some of them come with Kenny’s autograph.

Fans have been buying the figures from a dedicated Kenny Baker Figure Facebook page and are thrilled by the uncanny likeness to Kenny.

However Kenny - who himself has been sent number 100 out of the limited edition series, is not as impressed.

He said: “I don’t even think it really looks like me. It is just a little figure. It was a bit strange at first to see a little figure made to look like me but I have got used to it.”

Kenny says he is not making any money himself from the Kenny figures and is not really too bothered about them.

However, Star Wars fan and collector Barry Smith of Leyland, near Preston, was delighted to get his hands on one of the special figures.

Barry, 37, who confesses that he doesn’t remember a time when he did not collect Star Wars memorabilia, said: “I was on a Star Wars collectors’ forum and someone had posted a photo of their entire Star Wars collection and I saw the Kenny Baker figure and thought: ‘I’ve not seen one of them before’.

“I asked the fan where he had got it from and he directed me to the Facebook page.

“I bought one for my wife as a present and I think she was very impressed! I loved the fact that it was an actual figure of Kenny rather than of R2-D2 and that it is a limited edition figure.

“It is not an official figure - it is a fan made model - but a lot of effort has gone into the detail and I think it is great as it is a bit quirky.

“Kenny Baker is a Preston legend and he truly deserves his own figure.”

Kenny Baker has appeared in around 20 films in total including Time Bandits, Flash Gordon, Labyrinth and The Hunchback of Notre Dame as well as his role of R2-D2.