Peer joins growing row over refusal to name weak schools

criticism: Coun Driver
criticism: Coun Driver
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A LEADING Liberal Democrat peer has backed Lancashire County Council leader Geoff Driver’s opposition to the Government forcing failing schools to become academies.

Pendle district councillor Tony Greaves branded Education Secretary Michael Gove’s refusal to name the Lancashire schools on a hit-list of underperforming primaries a disgrace.

Lord Greaves used a Parliamentary question to ask the education secretary to name the schools branded below standard when senior official Liz Sidwell came to Lancashire in the summer .

The Schools Commissioner said 36 primaries in the county were weak and should become academies.

They included four in Preston, two in South Ribble and two in Chorley.

Coun Driver, Tory leader of Lancashire Council, criticised Ms Sidwell’s visit and her refusal to name the schools and this week said that forcing schools in difficulties to become academies would cause problems if they continued to fail and had to be closed.