World Cup; fights, BBQs and twisted ankles

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Saturday June 14 will be one of the busiest days of the year for our emergency services.

Even though England’s first game in the World Cup doesn’t kick off until 11pm, it’s very likely there will be a steady stream of 999 calls throughout the day, especially if it’s sunny.

The better the weather, the earlier the drinking will start and also more people will be tempted to do a bit of barbequing.

You can virtually guarantee that someone somewhere will use petrol to help light the BBQ. They will either burn their shed down or end up in intensive care, so it could be a busy day for the fire service.

During the afternoon, lots of impromptu games of football will break out in back gardens all over the country. Over-competitive dads dressed in badly fitting replica England kits will risk twisting ankles and pulling muscles as they try and imitate Johan Cruyff’s famous turn.

A & E Departments at hospitals will need to be ready with an extra supply of magic sponges.

It’s my experience that the first serious disorder on a day like this, tends to start in a private house. Often the result of a drunken fall out between relatives that gets out of hand.

In fact the pubs may stay fairly quiet until around 8pm, when people will arrive to watch the game between Uruguay and Costa Rica.

During this game there may be some minor pub fights caused by people pushing and jostling to make an early claim on a spot with a decent view, where they can watch the England v Italy game.

There is a good possibility that some pubs may experience some fighting actually during the England game. 11pm is a late start for a football match, some people will be absolutely lathered and arguments usually break out over the re-claiming of viewing spots that have been vacated during visits to the toilet.

At the final whistle, whether England win or lose, there will be a 999 melt down as the police deal with disorder at pubs, clubs and later on there will be some complaints of domestic violence. If the police get lucky it may start to quieten down by 5am.

At least England’s two other games are mid week with earlier kick-offs and they may be less problematic.

However, in the event of England actually winning some games, then the Maternity Units can expect a very busy time in March and April 2015.