Trouser ’bout that for a wardrobe dilemma

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’It’s all about the butt and the cut.’

’It’s all about the butt and the cut.’

Or so said legendary men’s fashion designer Tom Ford this week. And what was he talking about? Why, denim of course!

Jeans specifically, having recently presented a new collection of ‘sportswear’ (don’t know about you, but I don’t tend to throw on a pair of Levi’s before going for a run) for his Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Good to know, Tom, but still not enough to make the dreaded task of buying denim any easier. When yours truly is on the hunt for a new pair of jeans, it takes weeks, months even, to find the right pair. And often then they’re only right on the night. After a lazy day of lounging around and one too many bags of Kettle chips, the zipper which went up so easily in the shop can suddenly decide it doesn’t want to play.

While shopping is more often than not a pleasant experience, searching stores for a pair of skinnies is not. Neither is looking for the jeans’ cut-off summer counterpart – the denim short. Which is what yours truly has spent the last few days on the hunt for.

With summer holidays looming ever closer, I’ve been having serious fun putting together that capsule wardrobe. The casual dresses, maxi skirts, shirts and sandals have all been sourced, as have beach bags and bikinis. If it wasn’t for those pesky denim shorts, we could be on our way. Well, in a week’s time at least when the flight to the south of France is set to take off.

I’m still not sure what’s changed since last year, aside from my waist size that is, which prompted the need for the new purchase in the first place.

Is it the Daisy Dukes themselves? Or could it be my pins? Maybe it’s the thought of showing them off all summer long?

Could it be? Am I really losing my nerve as I reach the grand old age of 27? Teenagers strutting down the street in a pair of high-waisted, frayed and torn cut-offs seems 
acceptable. Anyone old enough to vote... maybe not.

When you spend the week in wide-leg trousers and mid-length pencil skirts, showing your legs off on the weekend seems a little risque. Particularly when all the shorts on the market seem to be taking Tom’s words of wisdom a 
little too literally.

Not sure that when he said ‘all about the butt’ he meant cutting so far that one can see the cheek. Not for this fashion wimp at least.

The search continues...