This week has been all about relaxation ready for chemo

Richard Clark from Penwortham
Richard Clark from Penwortham
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I was due to have chemotherapy again last week, however due to low bloods again, it has been postponed for a week. My three-week cycle has now become a four-week cycle due to my delayed recovery from the treatment.

Initially I find it frustrating because I mentally prepare myself for the treatment and then find out that it’s not going to happen, but on reflection it’s good that my body is reacting, otherwise it looks and feels like I am not having the chemo treatment, as everything else has not changed.

Also having the weeks break gives me time to relax and it’s always good to have a week off the medication too.

On Good Friday we woke up to find that Sidney had chicken pox.

I have had chicken pox as a child but thought it best to get some advice from the oncology experts, so I called the 24-hour helpline.

As my immune system is weakened by the chemo, I was told I would need medication to help me fight off any virus, but I was also told that I should not have any contact with him, or at least have as little contact as possible, so I moved out of my house and into my parents house.

I still was at home during the day, but I kept my distance from Sidney, as my wife, Leonie, was away for the weekend it was difficult, however help was at hand from my sister-in-law who had already planned to visit over the Easter weekend.

Plenty of anti-bacterial gel was used over the weekend, but worst of all, it just adds another complication to our current situation.

Over the weekend it was good to get outside and get a bit of Vitamin D; hopefully this will help with my recovery from chemo.

This week will be all about relaxation, sleep and getting my body to behave in readiness for further chemo on Thursday.

Hopefully then the plan for surgery will not be affected too much and these first three cycles of chemo will be over.

The treatment so far has been manageable, but the surgery and more importantly the recovery from the surgery does play on my mind quite a bit.

I am an active person, so to be immobile worries me.

If I want to do something, I usually get up and do it, but for some time after, I won’t be able to do this and will probably have to rely on others to help out.

On the upside, this weekend we will be completing the “Walk in the Dark” for the Rosemere Cancer Foundation.

There are over 350 taking part and we have collected a fair bit of sponsorship so far (

It will be a fun night and everyone seems to be getting excited to take part. Some other friends who are not able to make it this weekend are fundraising in other ways, either with cake sales, dress down days or running half marathons.

It is quite humbling to see everyone’s response, and all my family and friends are rallying around to raise money or help out in some way.

It’s moments like this that make you realise how much everyone cares.

It’s overwhelming that when you think everything is against you and nothing seems to be going right, that people surprise you and they show that they do care, that they will take the time to help and support in whatever way they can.

I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has helped in whatever way they have.

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