On balance, I loved trying my Segway to heaven

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Aasma dares to take two-wheel challenge...and has a real blast

I DABBLED in a bit of speed this week and I fear I may be hooked.

Don’t worry – I’ve not entered into the world of illicit drugs, but have just been bitten by the thrill of whizzing around at speed on wheels – two wheels to be exact.

Nope, I haven’t finally learned to ride a bike ... although Hubby keeps saying that’s a priority challenge for this summer. But I think I may have found a set of wheels I prefer. Yes, I think I fancy myself a Segway.

I’ve seen these curious two-wheeled battery powered electric vehicles around, but having such an appalling sense of balance, I had always dismissed riding one myself, thinking it would only be a recipe for disaster.

However, I bought Hubby a voucher for a Segway experience for two as part of his birthday present last month and resigned myself to having to take part in the activity knowing that Hubs would say it would be far more fun doing it as a couple.

While pondering on when to partake in our experience, we had a brainwave and decided to book it on the same day as our children’s sports day.

With the horrendous weather on previous sports days, we have fallen foul a few times to booking a day off work only to have sports day rained off at the last minute.

Our thinking was “Why should the kids have all the fun on sports day?” so went ahead and booked a bit of sporting fun of our own. And we were safe in the knowledge that even if the heavens did open calling off sports day, our day off would not have been in vain.

But the day dawned bright and sunny and there couldn’t have been nicer weather for both sports day and Segwaying.

I must confess that, moments before our Segway experience, I started having fears and doubts and had visions of hitting a bump, losing my balance and going catapulting through the air before landing in the middle of woodland.

“I can’t ride a bike, can’t roller skate and can’t ice skate. What makes me think I can ride one of these funny looking contraptions?” I pleaded with myself.

Thankfully, my fear factor was unfounded and, apart from the initial moments on the Segway being a bit nerve-wracking and shaky, I had an absolute blast.

Hubby and I were joined on our adventure by a very nice gentleman who was accompanied by his charming lady friend who, although not taking part in the Segway experience herself, was a bit nifty with a camera and camcorder.

Our instructor was down-to-earth, humourous and soon put us at our ease with his handy tips and teasing banter.

I soon got the hang of how to control the Segway – lean forward to go faster, lean backwards to slow down and stop and twist your handle sideways to turn left and right.

Although I started enjoying the Segway experience within a matter of minutes, I’m not sure I fully relaxed as I gripped on to my handlebar for dear life all the way around the course.

And even though I am proud to say I didn’t tumble or crash into anything, my concentration was so intense, that the instructor remarked that he hadn’t heard me say a word as I steered myself in and out of the woodland – not something I get accused of very often.

Hubby rather cruelly remarked that maybe we should get a Segway at home if it meant it would keep me quiet. Lucky for him his Segway was a safe distance behind me or he would have got a clip around the ear.

All too soon, our exhilarating experience was over and, as we arrived back at our starting point, the other half of our Segway buddy asked if she could take a photograph of all of us. When she asked for my name and address so she could post me a copy of the photo, she gave a jolt of recognition and exclaimed: “Are you the lady who writes the column in the newspaper?” Turns out she is a regular reader of my drivel ... sorry, I mean my intelligent musings!

So a big hello to the lovely couple who were part of our Segway day.

After our Segway excitement and a spot of lunch, it was time for excitement of a different kind as we headed to the school for a scorching sports day.

The children and the school did a fantastic job at putting on a great sports day and our children won a medal apiece and a few stickers, so they were beaming while we were filled with pride.

And then came the momentous mum’s race followed by the dad’s race ... and me and Hubby both kept our bottoms firmly planted to our chairs.

My heart went out to the poor dad dressed in his smart suit who went flying after stumbling in the race and ended up with mud and grass stains all over him. He’ll have learnt a valuable lesson – as I did after doing a similar thing at sports day a few years ago – never take part in the parents’ race again.

He should have gone Segwaying – it’s much safer.