MPs need to tackle the issues affecting us

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It may be nearly 18 months off but campaigning for the next General Election is already well under way.

The question is: Does anybody really care?

In the past week, the public has been treated to the unlikely pledge from the Tories that they will increase the minimum wage should they triumph at the polls next May.

It is remarkable given the level of opposition there was from the party when the law was introduced 15 years ago. Then we had Gromit’s mate, Miliband The Younger, telling us all what a jolly good wheeze it would be to create two new ‘challenger’ banks on the High Street.

A plan which has more holes in it than a tramp’s underpants.

And let us not forget the Lib Dems, who are doing their very best to make absolutely certain they will be wiped off the face of the political map, thanks to the open sore that is the Lord Rennard affair.

But none of this has excited the public.

Nobody is talking about whether or not the lowest paid will get slightly more brass in their pay packets before it is swallowed up by inflation. Not wishing to sound like that self-appointed spokesman for a supposedly disaffected generation, Russell Brand, but politicians are becoming increasingly less relevant and, if this continues, the turnout in 16 months time could be less than the 65 per cent in 2010, which was the third lowest since the Second World War.

The ruling classes could do a lot worse than tackle issues that affect you or I, such as heating bills, petrol prices and the scandalous cost of family holidays. The fact that a couple were hit with fines and costs for taking their children to Greece during term time shocked many.

Sadly, this is likely to soon become a familiar tale as many working families simply cannot afford the over-inflated cost of much-needed holidays and have no choice to go away during term time.

If issues like this were tackled by Westminster, then the public might start to listen again.