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Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire
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Embrace the world of Kindle, is perfect for hiding your choice of book

ISN’T it great when you rediscover a pleasure from your past?

Aasma Day, Lancashire Evening Post

Aasma Day, Lancashire Evening Post

Usually, my pleasant trips down memory lane are food-related as I recapture the joys of retro sweets such as Fizz Wizz popping candy, Nerds and Sherbet Dip Dabs.

But my recent foray 
into days gone by was actually nothing to do with sugar highs, but re-visiting the 
delights of borrowing books from a library.

I have always loved reading. Ever since I discovered the magical world of books, I have devoured them and spent my childhood – and most of my adult life – with my nose 
immersed in a good book.

When younger, I was a 
frequent visitor to the local 
library and looked forward to collecting my latest batch of books in the same way most children look forward to a trip to the zoo.

As I grew older, my library visits dropped off and I found myself buying the latest must-reads instead.

More expensive you might think, but I was finding myself paying so much in fines every time I forgot to return a library book, I actually found it more economical.

Lately, I have found myself watching my daughter with a fond smile as she too seems to have been bitten by the book bug.

Witnessing her unquenchable thirst for books is like looking into a mirror of days gone by.

We began struggling to keep up with her demand for new reading material, even though we regularly buy our children plenty of books.

That’s when I hit upon the idea of taking her to the library – and what an eye-opener that proved to be.

Even though I loved going to the library as a child, the 
libraries of today are so different and far nicer than in my day.

Instead of being greeted by a tyrant of a librarian who hissed: “Shhh!” any time you dared raise your voice a 
decibel over a whisper, the 
librarians who work in our 
local library are lovely, friendly people who welcome you with a smile instead of a glare.

Do you know how many books you can borrow now? 20. Yes, that’s right 20!

My daughter is absolutely delighted by this and the number of books she has borrowed has steadily crept up. The other week, she took out 18 books and read them all within the fortnight.

She even made me confirm this fact with her class teacher at parent’s evening as she indignantly told me he didn’t 
believe her when she told him.

Mentioning the forgotten joys of the 
library to one of my friends, I found myself caught up in the debate of Real Books vs Kindles after she remarked: “Do people actually still read real books?”

Yes, they certainly do – well I do anyway. I adore the physical feeling of a book and for me, nothing beats holding it and rapidly 
turning the pages as a riveting story unfolds.

When Kindle fever first started gripping the nation, I was initially adamant that I wasn’t going to jump on that bandwagon.

Hubby, however, was insistent I should try one, no doubt because he was fed up with the constantly multiplying books filling our home and, one Christmas, he presented me with my own Kindle Fire. I may have sneered at Kindles before, but I now love my device. Admittedly, I probably use it more as an internet browsing tool to do online shopping on, but I also read books on it – and it is wonderful for holiday reading material.

There are pros and cons to both. Books are definitely heavier to lug around, which is why packing a Kindle in your suitcase is far more convenient than risking going over the luggage limit by filling it with a fortnight’s worth of books.

Despite my fears, reading on a Kindle is also quite similar to reading a book, even though you are not physically turning pages.

One of the major advantages is that no one can see what you are reading. So if you fancy reading a trashy novel instead of something high brow, you don’t have to feel you’re being judged. This is useful for those wanting to read something like Fifty Shades of Grey (which for the record I thought was massively over-rated and a tad dull).

E-books are often cheaper and there are many free books to download. But you can’t share them with friends in the same way you can hand out a paperback.

And there is nothing better than the glorious smell of a new book. Opening a new book calms me down and takes me to a happy place where I can get lost in another world.

But for me, the greatest thing about a “real” book is the fact that I do the majority of my reading while relaxing in the bath. I have lost count of the number of times I have dozed off and woken up to a soggy paperback.

Dropping a Kindle in the bath could become an expensive pastime.