Golden ticket for a night at the silver screen

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At this time of year, when grey days all too quickly make way for dark nights, a glimmer of gold is always a real treat.

So praise be to awards season, which kicked off in style this week with the Golden Globes.

Film fans will have been desperate to know who was going to scoop the first big prizes of the year. Idris vs Chiwetel (neither Londoner came away victorious, sadly), Cate vs Kate (the Aussies beat the Brits again. Let’s not say any more), 12 Years a Slave vs Gravity (the best film took the title, in my humble opinion at least.) Yes, right now, the cinema is the place to be.

The ‘must-see’ list is perhaps the longest it’s ever been. Each weekend in the diary has a movie marked next to it. And why not? Indoors with an oversize box of popcorn is surely the best place to be in January. But the joy of sitting down to the latest offering from Hollywood will cost’ya, as The Boy and I are starting to find out.

Once upon a time, or so I’m told, going to the cinema was a cheap date. With tickets costing no more than a few pence (okay, I really am going back a bit), young and old could flock to the cinema to watch the latest talkie.

Even a few years ago, one remembers spending no more than a few pounds on such a night out. There’d be change from the tenner the folks gave you, even after polishing off a bag of pick’n’mix.

But things have changed. The cinema has evolved, and our pockets have been forced to follow suit.

Now, we’re faced with endless choices – 3D, Imax, a night at a renaissance-style theatre?

Our local picture house is fantastic for adults, I must admit, with sofas instead of chairs, and wine by the bottle instead of coke by the cup.

As a one-off treat, the £35 plus price tag can be justified. Once you start to rock up every week, it becomes a little extravagant. But there are worse things to spend your hard-earned cash on, so The Boy and I continued to tell ourselves last week as we once again found ourselves sitting in the back row with a glass of pinot-noir and a large slice of cheesecake.

And no doubt we’ll have the same conversation again this evening, as another two seats have our name on.

Wolf of Wall Street this time, the movie based on the true story of a multi-millionaire. He must have been a cinema owner...