Barrac-ing business the social media way

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Who doesn’t like a good moan?

About anything and everything - daily life, work, family, celebrities, customer service. It’s the latter that’s proved my personal bugbear of late.

Late delivery, lost products, let-down services, all have really got my goat. And instead of turning to my neighbour for a little rant, as one may have done in days gone by, yours truly has begun to focus her energies elsewhere: Twitter.

Social media, where would we be without it? Where once we complained to each other, now we let the whole world know when we’re troubled. Though, it must be said, caution should be taken when using the world wide web as an outlet for anger. As poor Gemma Worrall, 20-year-old beautician from my good old home town of Blackpool, found out last week.

If you haven’t already read the story, this is the girl who made the mistake of innocently tweeting: ‘If Barraco Barner is our president why is he getting involved in Russia, scary.’

Our president. Barraco Barner. Close, Gemma, but not quite there. More than 7,000 retweeted the young girl’s post, making headlines across the world.

My comments haven’t reached that kind of audience - yet - but on several occasions they have had the desired effect. Why? Because although my 201 followers (yes, it is tragic I know this figure by heart) may not be interested that a hire car company tried to rip me off, or that a certain well-loved department store took an age to tell me that an ordered product was out of stock, the big corporations themselves know this kind of negative press has the potential to reach the rest of world. Therefore it must be quashed, immediately.

Post a letter, and you may never get a response. Phone customer services and you’ll be waiting hours. Send a tweet, on the other hand, and a grovelling response usually comes in a matter of minutes. One has received apologies, priority delivery and money-off vouchers as a result of 140 well chosen characters. Free goods have even come my way.

The personal favourite still being £10 worth of free yoghurt I was sent after complaining about the lack of cherry and pomegranate syrup in a tub. Result.

So Gemma, and the rest of the Twitterati, here’s my advice to you: pick your battles. Daily, go ahead, fight the man. You can make a difference.

World leaders? Umm, possibly not.