Back to school... it’s time for a summer break

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The start of September can mean only one thing: it’s back-to-school time.

I may not be a student, teacher or parent, but this time of year still feels a little bit special. Even if it is a long time since I left the classroom.

As a child, the weeks leading up to that first-day of term were always looked forward to. How often did you get the chance to go shopping for so many new supplies?

Hours would be spent in the stationers, studying in minute detail the whole range of pencil cases, trying every coloured gel pen in stock, and debating over which ring-binder to get. Who cares if it could hold all of your papers - was Hello Kitty still cool?

Backpack full (let the one strap/two strap debate begin) and it was time to jump back on the bus and catch up with friends that hadn’t be seen or heard from all summer.

For the first few days, you were even pleased to be back in the classroom, opening crisp exercise books and making sure the first few pages were filled in perfectly.

In many ways it felt like more of a new start than January 1, full of hope and opportunity.

Things may be a little different these days, but for me that fresh feeling is still alive and well.

Primarily because this is the time of year I choose to take my summer holidays. Yes, as many return to their normal way of life, yours truly gets ready for two well-deserved weeks off.

There are numerous reasons why I choose this time of year to take a break.

The obvious - cheaper flights, fewer children to deal with etc - of course. But there are others factors that play a part too.

Firstly, it means I still get to do that supply shopping. Hurrah!

While once I looked for a backpack, school shoes and pleated skirts, now I’m on the hunt for a beach bag, sunglasses and suntan lotion. As well as shoes, skirts, tops, jackets...

And, this year at least, it also offers an opportunity to meet up with old friends.

We may be a decade or two older, but that sense of anticipation is as thrilling as ever.

And most importantly, it means I have something to look forward to. Something to start a countdown for.

Something to plan with the excitement and optimism of youth. Four days to go... *Squeals in delight.*