Dogs on the catwalk for Homeless Hounds

These dogs made their debut on the catwalk to help fellow canines in need.
Do you look after your car?

11 top tips to get your car ready for its MoT

De-cluttering your boot, silencing squeaky windscreen wipers and doing the handbrake ‘click test’ - THESE are the top tips to make sure your car breezes through its MoT.

Waves crashing against Blackpool promenade

What are spring tides, and why do we have them?

The combination of 70mph winds and high 'spring' tides this weekend could see the Lancashire coast lashed with high waves and some flooding.
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Over the weekend, the meteoroids from Halley's Comet will strike Earth's atmosphere

Shooting stars forecast as Earth passes though Halley's Comet debris

Stargazers are expecting to see a meteor shower peak this weekend, with dozens of shooting stars streaking across the sky as Earth passes through debris of Halley's Comet.
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Sainsburys slash toy prices by as much as half

Sainsbury’s slash toy prices by as much as half

Let the rush commence!
Rubis Chocolate Wine

Aldi is combining two delicious products this Christmas with release of its chocolate wine

Sweet tooth Brits are about to have their wishes answered this festive season as Aldi unveils a new chocolate wine.

House of Cards

Netflix reveals top 20 most binge-watched shows - and the results are surprising

The top 20 most binge-watched shows on Netflix in the UK have been revealed.
The Blade Gunner

Harmless fun or bad taste? Oscar Pistorius Halloween costume for sale

A Halloween costume of paralympic killer Oscar Pistorius is being sold by an online fancy dress shop.

Last year saw the highest rise in divorce rates

Divorce rates see highest rise since mid-1980s, figures show

Last year saw the highest rise in divorce rates in England and Wales for more than two decades, according to national figures.

Twitter announces new restrictions on hateful or pornographic images

Twitter announces new restrictions on hateful or pornographic images

Twitter is to introduce new restrictions on hateful and pornographic imagery as part of new plans to tackle abuse on the social media site.

Men using the smartphone dating app tend to select "hot" candidates

Tinder 'brings out basic mating instincts of men and women'

Tinder brings out the basic mating instincts of men and women as they choose between beauty and brains, a study has found.


Harry Potter exhibition to feature broomsticks and crystal balls

Broomsticks, wands, crystal balls and a tombstone are going on show at the British Library in its highly-anticipated Harry Potter exhibition.

Take a look at the amazing images competing for Wildlife Photographer of Year

A photojournalist's image of a black rhino with its horns hacked off has seen him named Wildlife Photographer of Year.
Mary Berry has been confirmed as a judge for the new series

BBC launch hunt for Britain’s Best Cook

The BBC is looking for Britain’s best cooks, to roast, boil and and bake it off in a new prime-time TV show.
The budget supermarket has released a selection of 17 products

Remember, remember… Aldi’s premium fireworks range is in store now - and some cost just £1.29

Want to get more bang for your buck this bonfire night? Cracking news: Aldi's premium fireworks range is in store now - and prices start at just £1.29!

Twitter has the "wisdom-of-the-crowds"

Twitter a better bet for football odds than bookies, research claims

If you want to stay ahead of the game when betting on football matches, turn to Twitter.
Ben Ashworth at a previous Cheeky Santa Dash

Ben Ashworth's Cheeky Santa Dash in Preston is back

Preston’s cheekiest fun run is back - and is set to be even bigger than ever to honour its founder - brave cancer campaigner Ben Ashworth.

Do you have a short fuse behind the wheel

Seven types of bad driver revealed

Bad drivers are the bane of every motorist’s life but now a new study claims poor drivers always fall into one of seven categories - so do you recognise them?

Bella has topped the charts for the most popular dogs name

Poll reveals most common dog name in Lancashire

Bella has been crowned the most popular dog name in Lancashire according to a new poll revealed by The Kennel Club.

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What colours do you see?

Poll: Are these trainers teal and grey or pink and white?

Remember the dress that sent the internet loopy over whether it was white and gold or blue and black?

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