Women knit false boobs

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They are the latest vital assets for an expectant mum looking to give her little darling the best start in life – knitted boobs.

A Lancashire knitting group has eschewed their usual jumpers and blankets in favour of creating the woollen mammaries.

The knitted breasts – which come in different shapes, sizes and colours – are being used in practical demonstrations to give new mums information on breastfeeding.

Members of Chorley and South Ribble Knit and Natter Group have knitted and crocheted hundreds of clothes and blankets for charity over the past couple of years.

But recently they've been turning their skills to making the unusual creations – which are being used by new mums attending weekly drop-in sessions run by the Chorley and South Ribble branch of the Breastfeeding Network (BfN).

BfN helper Sara Cookson said that whilst the knitted boobs seem quite funny at first glance, they're actually one of their most important tools, and they would be lost without them.

She explained: "The knitted breasts allow us to demonstrate feeding in a hands-off way that people are comfortable with.

"Many mothers stop breastfeeding their babies in the first few weeks after birth. If we can help them get through this period, they can go on to successfully breastfeed."

The groups, which meet at Wade Hall in Leyland and Highfield Children's Centre in Chorley, use the breasts with life-size baby dolls to show techniques including the hand expressing of milk and the best way to latch a baby on to the breast for feeding.

It's a chance for new mums to socialise with other new mums as well as seeking advice and help on feeding their babies.

Kate Green, secretary of the Chorley and South Ribble Knit and Natter Group, which has more than 30 members aged from their 20s to 80s, said: "Our members have been really enjoying knitting the breasts.

"We are always on the look out for worthwhile things to knit. The breasts are something a bit different to the blankets and jumpers our knitters usually make."

The group has knitted more than 700 items for local and international charities, including Derian House, St Catherine's Hospice, International Aid and Feed the Children.

The knitters meet on the last Saturday afternoon of each month at CVS in Towngate, Leyland. If you would like to join the group, or donate wool, e-mail: kategreen320@tiscali.co.uk

For details about BfN visit www.breastfeedingnetwork.org.uk

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