UFO riddle of the 'dancing lights'

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The Lincolnshire "UFO" which allegedly damaged a wind turbine might have been written off by MoD insiders as a secret unmanned stealth bomber test, but one Lancashire man is still seeking an explanation for the strange lights he saw over Lostock Hall on New Year's Day.

Taxi driver and father-of-five Nigel Moore, of Spring Gardens, Leyland, was working a night shift and driving along Todd Lane North at 1.40am when he spotted two bright lights fairly low in the sky.

He said: "They were two glaring orange lights. It wasn't like a plane or anything, there was no noise. They weren't satellites."

"They weren't flashing and they were just dancing around in the sky."

Nigel, 39, saw the lights for a couple of minutes and managed to get mobile phone video camera footage of them before they shot upwards and disappeared.

He said: "I was amazed because I'd never seen anything like that before in my life. I was shocked and had to get it on camera.

"I spoke to my mates and they never saw anything at all in Lostock Hall. I've not got a clue what they were, but that's the first time I've seen a UFO.

"They were pretty big, I'd say the size of a car or something."

Since news first broke of the wrecked wind turbine in Conisholme on January 8, people have been reporting UFO sightings across the county.

In Wigan, slow-moving bright lights were spotted in Orrell and in Thornton a woman reported seeing a green and red light surrounding a bright white light on Friday.

The most common explanations for UFOs include the mistaken identification of ordinary objects such as aircraft lights, meteors, satellites, bright stars, planets, fireworks or Chinese lanterns.

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