Teenager takes video footage of UFO

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An 18-year-old has filmed on his mobile phone an odd-shaped object floating in the sky above Lancashire.

Robert Leeming, 18, of Blundell Lane, Penwortham, is asking people to help him identify the object, which he saw above the river near the Penwortham flyover at around 2.30pm on Monday.

He took a video of it on his mobile phone, which lasts one minute and 30 seconds, showing the black UFO.

He said: "It was weird, I really don't know what it was. It was longish at the bottom and the top was straight. I tried to compare it with other things but couldn't. It went up quite a bit at a weird angle."

Readers regularly contact the Evening Post to report UFO sightings and experts point to the county's proximity to a military base – which could be testing aircraft – as a possible explanation.

Robert, who lists astronomy as one of his hobbies, added: "I'm really interested in things like this. I'm one of those people who looks up.

"In town when you look up, you see a lot more because there's buildings and stuff.

"My interest started, probably, with something I saw about four years ago.

"It was an orange ball of light and it was gently rising."

Robert is keen for anyone who thinks they know what the UFO might be to get in touch.

His video has attracted 346 views on the internet – leave your comments on the video below.

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