Elvis banned from Deepdale

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Paul Simpson wants to boost the atmosphere inside Deepdale – by banning Elvis Presley.

The Preston North End boss is all shook up about the pre-match Elvis Presley ballad 'Can't Help Falling In Love' because he reckons it puts both players and fans in a bad mood.

And he is urging club officials to find a more upbeat number to lift spirits before kick-off.

Simpson said: "I don't know whose idea this song is at the start, because it seems to put everyone in a bit of a depression.

"We have to make sure we get something which the players

respond to and go out and perform -- and the fans respond to as well.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we are losing games because of that song.

"But we have to do whatever we can to generate an atmosphere."

The 45-year-old Elvis hit has been a supporters' favourite for more than a decade. The Town End choir regularly belt it out both before and during games.

This season they have been encouraged to sing along prior to kick-off while waving their North End scarves in the air.

But Simpson believes the song, which opens with the line: "Wise men say only fools rush in," is killing the enthusiasm before a ball is kicked.

He said: "That song has got to go. We talked before the game on Saturday that we would have to make our own atmosphere in the ground because we knew the crowd wasn't going to be big.

"We knew that there would be people turning up at the game baying for blood.

"That happens and it is something we have just got to be prepared to deal with.

"But when we play that song just before the game, the whole place seems to go quiet.

"You need a buzz when the players come running out. We have got to get this place buzzing.

"I believe we have some cheerleaders who start things off, but I don't ever see them.

"We have to do whatever we can to get it rocking."

Simpson and his players were booed off after losing 3-0 to Colchester at the weekend.

But for two-thirds of the match fans were remarkably supportive as their side tried to register their first win – and first goal – of the Championship season.

Simpson showed the video nasty to the squad yesterday and has now urged them to use their abject disappointment in a positive way ahead of

Saturday's tough trip to Coventry.

"We have to toughen up and make sure that this is a feeling that we don't just disregard and throw away," he said.

"We have to take this feeling into training and come out stronger for the experience.

"We have to keep going and make sure no-one goes and hides.

"I definitely won't – I will keep fighting on."

What song should they play at Deepdale before matches? Send your suggestions and reasons to william.watt@lep.co.uk