Could water be link to Lancashire's UFOs?

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As more UFO sightings are reported each week in Lancashire – could the county's proximity to water be to blame?

Unidentified flying object investigator Pat Regan, who was filmed for a show called UFO Hunters aired on the US History Channel earlier this month, said there was a possible link between increased UFO activity in the county and the Ribble estuary.

Last July, Mr Regan, 51, took a picture of a freaky funnel cloud moving slowly over the skies of Scarisbrick, near Southport.

On closer inspection, Mr Regan, of Brook Road in Ainsdale, also spotted an unidentified flying object alongside the would-be tornado.

He said: "Historically, many sightings have been associated with large bodies of water.

"We also have claims of secret testing of military aircraft and drones from facilities such as BAE."

Other theories suggest large bodies of water are useful to craft for propulsion systems or that UFOs are monitoring military bases.

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