'1000ft-long UFOs were NOT Chinese lanterns!'

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A Lancashire man claims to have seen 1,000ft UFOs in the skies above Preston being followed by planes and helicopters.

Father-of-three Jason Robinson, who left the Army in 2005, was out walking his dog on Monday evening near his home in Threefields, Tanterton, when he saw four mysterious craft in the distance.

He was so stunned by the sight, he ran back to the house to tell his family.

The 34-year-old said: "I was an air defender and I had to recognise military planes and civilian planes.

"I had to know every plane and they were definitely not what we had. We all witnessed that the traffic in the sky above where they were was horrendous. You'd never see that anywhere.

"There must have been other people who saw them because they were huge. If you go off the size of a plane, say 60 feet wide. These must have been at least 1,000 feet – that's how big they were.

"It doesn't look big on there (the phone camera screen) but you can't even see the planes on there – that's how big these are to them. You can't come out with 'they're Chinese lanterns.'"

The sighting is the latest in a long list of unexplained reports in Lancashire – particularly Preston.

Mr Robinson's theory is that the craft were in the area due to nuclear weapons being kept at Fulwood Barracks.

He said: "They move them around. They only go round where they are.

"We saw loads of plane activity and helicopters in the background, obviously military. Being a military person, I know the difference between military and civilian.

"With there being about four helicopters out there, at least, I know Lancashire Police only have one helicopter.

"There must have been about 15 to 20 planes surrounding them, following. I reported it to the police, they said they had no reports."

Jason's two sons, Samuel and Joseph, his girlfriend Tara Hughes, 32, and her mother Joan also witnessed the UFOs.

Tara said: "I was amazed. I've never seen anything like that before. Just four of them all together."

Mr Robinson also has video footage which he is keen for experts to see.

He added: "I'm keeping the footage back. They'll analyse them anyway and know that they're legitimate. You can see the saucer shape."

A police spokesman said there had been no other sightings reported.

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