My biggest bargain my ultimate splurge - Neil Athey

My Biggest Bargain My Ultimate Splurge  'Neil Athey
My Biggest Bargain My Ultimate Splurge 'Neil Athey
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Neil Athey, 21, has just finished a degree in Journalism and English Literature at the University of Central Lancashire. He tells us about some of his wardrobe favourites.


“MY biggest bargain have to be my leather tassel loafers. I bought them from a couple of months ago in preparation for my first holiday abroad with my girlfriend.

“They were on offer on the website for £15, down from £40.

“ only had a couple of sizes left, fortunately for me, my size was still available and I had to take the chance and buy them.

“The soft, worn leather look was the perfect look I wanted for when I could wander the streets of Paris.

“They are very comfortable and versatile and after having a couple of months of good use out of them, I’m yet to find a fault with them.

“I have bought shoes that cost more and less but I believe these are a great bargain for £15.

“I found they look the best with either a pair of shorts, invisible socks and rolled up chinos or coloured jeans.”


“My ultimate splurge has to be my tweed Topman jacket which I bought for around £70.

“I wouldn’t of normally have bought an item of clothing for this amount without a valid reason to, but I had always wanted to own a tweed jacket.

“It has multiple uses as I could wear it going out on weekends or just casually in everyday situations.

“It is lightweight, comfy and has multiple uses which makes the price fairly reasonable for a one off purchase.

“Buying items around this price can be costly, especially for post graduate students like myself.

“But it is definitely worth owning an item of clothing like this, as you never know when it might come in useful.

“I don’t tend to follow strict fashion trends or buy expensive branded clothing, I buy what I think will look good for me.

“I would ideally wear this jacket with dark skinny jeans, shoes and a shirt.”