Mum tells of terror at savage dog attack

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A mum-of-three has told how she was left bleeding in the street, cradling her injured dog, after two dogs savagely attacked her and her pets.

Lorna Ward, 48, of Howarth Road, Ashton, Preston, was left with a scar on her hand and her pet Shih Tzu, Max, suffered a serious leg injury when they were set upon in November last year.

The owner of the dogs, Hendrix James Michael Dawson, 39, of Falcon Street, Preston, has pleaded guilty to having a dog dangerously out of control in a public place, and is expected to be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on June 17.

Today Lorna described how she, her husband Joe, 56, their three children, Esther, 12, Naomi, 11 and Joshua, eight, had taken their dogs Pebbles and Max for a walk in Haslam Park in Ashton.

She said: “We had a lovely time playing around for a bit and then as we came to leave the park we walked a route that passed a bakery.

“I saw the two dogs outside, with no leads. We felt uncomfortable straight away when we saw them roaming about and we picked our dogs up. But as I grabbed Max they attacked.”

Frantically Lorna and Joe tried to separate the animals.

Lorna added: “As I tried to separate them one of the dogs bit my hand. There was blood everywhere. It was chaos. I was terrified they would set on the children. They saw everything and were terrified. They love our dogs.”

Passers by called police and an ambulance took Lorna to the Royal Preston hospital, while Max was taken to a vet.

She said: “When I came home I had to sleep on the sofa cuddling Max.

“People should know their own dogs. Those animals should have been muzzled or at the east on a lead. Things could have been a lot worse.”




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