Teen drug dealer jailed

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A TEENAGE drug dealer who started smoking cannabis at 13 years old has been jailed for four years.

Christopher Higham, 19, pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis and cocaine with intent to supply along with robbery and possession of an offensive weapon when he appeared at Preston crown Court.

The court heard Higham, of New Lane, Eagland Hill, was introduced to cannabis as a young teenager and by the age of 16 had become a persistent user.

He began selling the drug to support his own habit and would occasionally supply cocaine when his regular customers requested it.

Judge Christopher Cornwall, sentencing, said: “Cannabis is a dangerous drug. The harm that it does is beyond calculation.

“A significant number - a very significant number - of people who appear before these courts attribute their downfall in life to this drug which you have been content to supply to others.”

The court heard Higham was also involved in a robbery along with another man where they visited a couple at their flat who owed Higham money for a dog they had bought.

A knife was produced although Higham does not accept he was the one brandishing the weapon, and the pair helped themselves to an X-box, TV and iPhone, whoch the woman was using to try and call the police.

Higham also broke into a flat and stole cannabis from a man he believed to have been responsible for a burglary at his girlfriend’s house, the court heard.

Judge Cornwall sent Higham to a young offenders institution for four years but told him he would be released half way on licence.




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