Protestors show support for jailed Morecambe birdman

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​A protest has been held in support of a man jailed for defying an order to stop feeding pigeons in Morecambe.

John Wilkinson has repeatedly breached an order forbidding him from feeding birds in the resort.

Last week, Lan​​caster magistrates jailed him for six weeks for the breach.

About 40 protesters turned out to campaign for Mr Wilkinson’s release on Saturday at Morecambe sea front.

Organiser Rita Patton, from Morecambe, said putting him in prison was wrong and hundreds had signed a protest petition.

However, one neighbour has told of her years of misery living near Mr Wilkinson.

Sharon Knight said the noise and smell caused by John Wilkinson’s obsession with feeding pigeons was “horrible”.

“The noise is like a jet engine taking off in the morning,” said Mrs Knight.

“You know the film ‘The Birds’ by Alfred Hitchcock? It’s like that.

“In summer I can’t put my washing out because of all the pigeon poop. It hums.

“I’ve reported him a few times.

“Nobody else seemed to do anything.

“We’ve thought about moving but nobody wants to buy a house near to him.

“We would have thought twice about moving in if we’d known he lived there.

“He’s broken his Asbo many times and he knows exactly what he’s doing.”




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