Preston dealer had relationship with cop

Neil Scarborough

Neil Scarborough

The convicted leader of a drugs ring today revealed he had been having a relationship with an undercover police officer who had been investigating him.

Preston criminal Neil Scarborough made the claim after losing an appeal in October to reduce his 14 year jail sentence.

Lancashire Police today confirmed that two officers had resigned over the allegations. Scarborough, 32, of Moor Hall Street, was jailed in June after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply heroin, cocaine and cannabis following police probe Operation Oak, which exposed a sophisticated drugs ring.

Scarborough and several criminal associates, who were leading flashy lifestyles from their criminal gains, were arrested in early morning raids in 2011 and heroin and cocaine worth £1.5m was seized, along with more than £200,000 in cash.

He was among a total of 36 men sentenced to 167 years for their part in supplying £1.5m of drugs onto Lancashire’s streets.

Lancashire Constabulary has confirmed two female officers were investigated over the claims six years ago, but it has only come to light publicly since Scarborough lost his appeal last month.

Today a Lancashire Police spokesman said: “Two female officers were investigated for misconduct but resigned in May 2007 before a hearing.”

Scarborough wrote to the Evening Post from his prison cell at Fazackerly prison complaining he believed the reason he had been given such a long sentence is because of his relationship with the officer.

He claimed another well known Preston criminal was having a relationship with a second officer at the same time.

He said: “Myself and a friend, were having sexual relations with two police officers, of which one of them was investigating me at the time.”

He also claimed his sentence was tougher because he had been selling cocaine to disgraced Lancashire solicitor Basharat Ditta, 44, from Blackburn.

Last month Ditta was jailed for three years after being found guilty of two counts of perverting the course of justice relating to passing on critical information to drug dealers, including Scarborough, about secret investigations into them.

He said: “I feel that because of this I was given a longer sentence than I deserved, I am serving nearly 14 years.”

The revelations come a week after the Evening Post revealed four officers from the force have been sacked for organising a car-buying scam.

A Detective Chief Inspector, a Detective Inspector, a Detective Sergeant and a Detective Constable, all from a specialist covert unit based at the Hutton headquarters, were dismissed after being found guilty of gross misconduct.




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