Pile-up driver admits to ‘reaching 100 mph’

Traffic news

Traffic news

A driver involved in a multi-vehicle motorway pile-up confessed to a witness at the scene that he had been travelling at 100 miles per hour.

Mariusz Kujacinski, 28, had been driving in the fast lane of the M55 near Kirkham when he realised he wanted to turn off. He started to cross the two slower lanes of the road but did not realise traffic ahead was slowing down because of congestion, prosecutor John Abbott told Blackpool magistrates.

Kujacinski, of Moss Acre Road, Penwortham, was at the wheel of his Vauxhall Zafira which crashed into a Peugeot which in turned shunted a Jaguar.

The defendant’s car suffered severe damage and the other two vehicles were also damaged. The driver and two passenger in the Peugeot were injured.

The prosecutor said: “It was at the scene of the incident that the defendant said he had been travelling at 100 miles per hour. He had also been drinking but was below the legal limit.”

The driver admitted in a letter to court driving without due care and only having a provisional licence. He did not have L plates on his car.

Chairman of the bench Barry Biurch said the circumstances of the crash were so serious that magistrates were considering a driving ban be imposed. The sentencing was adjourned so that Kujacinski can attend court.


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