Pensioner robbed by bogus workers

Latest news from the Lancashire Evening Post

Latest news from the Lancashire Evening Post

Police are appealing for information after burglars posing as workmen stole cash and jewellery from a pensioner.

Two men knocked on the door of an 85-year-old woman’s home in Poplar Avenue, Kirkham, and told her that they were doing some building work nearby and that there had been a problem with a water pipe.

They came into the house and then asked her to run some water so that they could test it.

The men did not show any identification. At first it was not apparent that anything had been taken from the property, but it has now been discovered that a significant amount of money and jewellery, both valuable and sentimental, has been stolen.

The men were described as being in their late 30s. One had short dark hair, was clean shaven, around 5ft 9-10in, of stocky build and was wearing an olive green type anorak and jeans. The other man was slightly shorter, had a scarf wrapped around his face.




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