Pensioner gets lifetime pet ban

SUFFERING: Sickening wounds suffered by one of McSalleys cats

SUFFERING: Sickening wounds suffered by one of McSalleys cats

A pensioner has been banned from keeping animals for life after 14 cats and kittens found in his house had to be put to sleep.

Cruel Peter McSalley, who admitted five offences, spent his 65th birthday in the dock at Preston Magistrates Court.

Distressing pictures show how cats were left with sickening conditions he failed to get treatment for.

Some had open wounds that had not been treated, while others had painful dental decay and severe flea infestations.

RSPCA officers attended his home in Tennyson Street, Preston, in September after receiving a tip off about an injured cat.

Prosecuting, Jonathan Fail said: “He was cautioned and asked how many cats he had. He said he was not sure.

“He said he had not taken the cat to the vet because his leg had gone and he didn’t drive. He had taken the cats in as strays.

“He signed 14 cats and kittens over to the RSPCA.”

Four cats form the subject of the charges against him, but all 14 had to be put to sleep as they had feline leukaemia which is easily spread among unvaccinated cats living together.

Mr Fail said the first cat, a ginger male, had a neck wound, was dehydrated and had dental decay and fleas.

A female tortoiseshell cat had wounds on both hips, fleas, and decayed teeth. A second tortoiseshell cat was emaciated and hypothermic.

A ginger and white cat with a leg wound exposing the leg bone was sent to an animal hospital for his leg to be amputated but had to be put to sleep.

It is the second ban for McSalley after a similar incident in 2003 saw him disqualified from keeping pets for a year.

Defending, Andrew Nottingham described his client as a little “eccentric”.

He must pay £500 costs.

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