Multiple accidents on county’s roads

Icy: Skid warnings were in place on road

Icy: Skid warnings were in place on road

Drivers faced treacherous conditions as a sudden cold snap and ice caused traffic chaos.

Three lanes of the M6 were closed on the Southbound carriageway on Thursday morning after two cars skidded out of control between junctions 31 and 32.

And on the M55 Westbound at Broughton a car ended up on its roof after the driver lost control of the vehicle while there was an additional accident on the M55 Eastbound between junctions three and one at Kirkham to Broughton.

Another road traffic collision happened on the Northbound carriageway of the M61 between junctions eight and nine at Chorley when a car hit the central reservation barrier.

The North West Motorway Police urged people to be wary of black ice as many of the regions roads have been left untreated.




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