Man lit candles and left home

Latest news from lep.co.uk

Latest news from lep.co.uk

A bedroom was severely damaged after candles lit by a man who then left his home set fire to furniture.

Firefighters were called to the terraced house in St Ignatius Square, off Meadow Street in Preston, at around 5.30pm on Saturday.

Four officers wearing breathing apparatus put out the blaze, using a hose reel, two ventilation units, lighting and a triple extension ladder

Crew manager Paul Rigden said: “The young man had left some candles burning and gone out.

“They burnt down and set fire to some furniture, speakers and plastic items.

“There was a lot of damage. The affected bedroom was severely damaged by fire and the rest of the upstairs of the house was severely smoke damaged.”

Fire crews were at the scene for several hours.

They said a further two bedrooms, bathroom and landing were severely damaged by smoke.




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