Litter drop lands a fine

Chorley Town Hall

Chorley Town Hall

An icy treat cost a man almost £500 after he was caught dropping litter.

Chris Hogg, 32, of Daisy Meadow, Clayton Brook, Chorley, was spotted dropping an ice-cream bar wrapper by two PCSOs on foot patrol near Daisy Meadow as he emerged from an alleyway leading from Preston Road where he had just bought ice-creams and chocolate from a nearby Esso Garage

Though he denied it was his litter Mr Hogg did admit the purchase which was later confirmed by the assistant at the garage who said it would have been recorded on CCTV.

The PCSOs then went toMr Hogg’s home and issued him with a fixed penalty notice for littering which he threw on the floor at his front door.

He failed to pay the notice despite being reminded by Chorley council on two separate occasions

At a hearing heard at Chorley Magistrates Court on December 5 Mr Hogg was found guilty in his absence of dropping after failing to turn up for court.

He was fined £200 and ordered to pay £200 costs plus a £20 victim surcharge.

Councillor Adrian Lowe, who oversees street cleaning for Chorley Council, said: “Litter dropped on the ground makes the place look a mess and it is one of the things that the majority of our residents feel very strongly about.

“We work hard to keep our streets litter free and we have regular patrols, so we will always take action if we see people dropping litter.

Councillor Lowe added: “This was a totally unnecessary action by Mr Hogg as he could have disposed of the wrapper at his home which was nearby, and it’s resulted in him now having to pay a huge bill.”

Letters were sent to Mr Hogg reminding him to pay the fine which he incurred on July 31 on August 5 and September 6.




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