Jealous love rival is jailed for stabbing

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A woman who stabbed her love rival in the chest, causing her a punctured lung, has been locked up for eight years and eight months.

Eileen Hoskin, 47, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to Louise Bennet after letting herself into her victim’s home in De Lacy Street, Ashton, and plunging a kitchen knife into her in a jealous rage.

Hoskin, who lived in Avenham at the time, has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but Preston Crown Court heard although the condition may have contributed to her chaotic lifestyle, it was not the cause of her offending.

Judge Stuart Baker said; “You were inflamed by alcohol, jealousy and feelings of humiliation. This is not a case where your mental disorder directly caused the commission of this offence.”

The court heard on October 10 last year, Hoskin went to Miss Bennet’s home, armed with a knife, believing she had started a relationship with her ex-partner.

After letting herself in and finding Miss Bennet in the living room with the man, Hoskin stabbed Miss Bennet to the chest and continued to attack her once she was 
seriously injured.

Miss Bennet managed to wrestle the knife off her assailant, but Hoskin took her mobile phone in a bid to stop her calling for help.

The court heard the knife wound to Miss Bennet’s chest could have killed her, had it hit any of her vital organs.

Hoskin was arrested later in the day at the Foundation Homeless Shelter where she was living. She told officers: “She deserved it. I stabbed her up. I don’t regret doing it. She 
deserved it.”

Later she told officers: “I’m not mental. I knew what I was doing tonight.”

Judge Baker read reports from three consultant psychiatrists and called upon Dr Mukhtar Ahmed to give evidence into Hoskin’s condition before passing sentence. He handed Hoskin a jail sentence but made an order that she be detained in a secure psychiatric unit until her condition is under control.

Speaking after the sentence, Miss Bennet said: “I am still emotionally and psychologically affected, 13 months on. It has taken this long to come to court and every time it has been stressful.

“I have still got the scars and a wheezy chest, but mostly it is the psychological effects.

“I don’t like to go in the front room where it happened, but I own my house so it isn’t as simple as just moving away.

“I do feel a lot safer now, knowing she is incarcerated and I would like to thank the judge for that.

“Hopefully I can get some closure and some counselling now to move on from it all.”




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