Heart of the community ready to start beating again

missed: Tanterton Community Centre to re-open. Below: Bill Shannon

missed: Tanterton Community Centre to re-open. Below: Bill Shannon

Residents in a booming area of Preston have been put on probation to run their own community centre.

Tanterton folk have been given a year to prove they can successfully manage the project in Kidsgrove, Ingol.

The city council’s cabinet has approved the plan for an action group of locals to take over the centre which has been closed and boarded up since May.

“We are absolutely over the moon,” said Ingol councillor Bill Shannon. “We are sure we can make a go of it and we’ve now got 12 months to show we can do that.

“Tanterton is a growing, thriving community. But it has been a community without a heart for the past seven months.”

Tanterton was one of three community centres shut down when previous operator Signposts ceased trading earlier this year.

The fate of the others, Grange and Farringdon Park, is still being discussed. Talks are to be held with Grange Primary School about re-opening as a nursery, while the local residents group in Farrington Park has expressed an interest in taking control of its centre.

Tanterton resident Bruce Ellison said: “Our job now is to gather together volunteers and also to get out there and get people using the centre again. We’ve been given a year to show we can run this. Now we just need the keys.”

Janet Thompson, a member of the action group, added: “Everyone is excited that our community centre will be re-opening. We’ve missed it for the past seven months.”




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