Hailstones cause series of crashes on motorway

Traffic news

Traffic news

Multiple vehicles have been involved in crashes on the M6 due to slippery conditions caused by hailstones.

The Highways Agency said 30-minute delays were possible due to multi-vehicle accidents between junctions 27 and 28 of the motorway, near Leyland, which began around 8am.

Officers closed all three lanes of the southbound carriageway of the motorway, while speed restrictions were also put in place on the northbound carriageway, where several vehicles pulled up on the hard shoulder.

The agency said normal traffic conditions were expected from 11.15am.

North West Motorway Police said a hailstorm had affected the M6 between junctions 27 and 29.

It said: “The surface is covered in a layer of hailstones and is very slippery - we have dealt with three road traffic collisions already, all multi-vehicle.”




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