Guild Wheel creator has bikes stolen

THEFT: Pictured the Raleigh, and below Peter Ward on the Wallis bike

THEFT: Pictured the Raleigh, and below Peter Ward on the Wallis bike

Guild Wheel creator Peter Ward has been grounded after thieves stole his two prized bikes.

Now the 80-year-old former international cyclist is offering a cash reward for information leading to the recovery of the classic machines.

“Both of them were top racing bikes in their day,” said Peter, the driving force behind the 21-mile leisure route which encirles Preston.

“They aren’t worth much money now. But they are still precious to me.”

The bikes were snatched from the garage of Peter’s home in Cottam. The raiders also took a mountain bike, but that was later found in a neighbour’s garden.

“This wasn’t an opportunist crime,” said Peter. “They went to great trouble to get to the bikes.

“I think they must have been watching me riding around on them and decided they must be worth a few bob.

“Our side gate was padlocked, so they have gone through a neighbour’s garden and even taken out a fence panel to get to the back of our house.

“They knew what they were looking for.

“I’m really upset because I’ve had both of them for a long time and they are of great sentimental value to me.

“I’m going to have to borrow a bike now to get out on the road.”

One of the bikes is a special design carbon fibre Wallis, dark in colour with red and blue features. It has 10-speed Campagnola gears and the name Peter Ward in white letters on the crossbar.

The second is a classic hand-built titanium Raleigh, mainly white with red and blue features. It has nine-speed Campagnola gears and silver wheels.

Both are postcoded by the police and Peter is offering a reward of up to £600 for information and recovery.

He can be contacted on 01772 723318.




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