Dad jailed for nail bomb plot

Christopher Dooley

Christopher Dooley

A dad-of-eight has been jailed for three and a half years after planting a nail bomb in his neighbour’s garden.

Christopher Dooley, 40, made the explosive, stuffing nails and gunpowder from dismantled fireworks inside a plastic bottle and left it in the woman’s garden.

Preston Crown Court heard Dooley had been left as the sole carer for his children after their mum, Christine Cook, died suddenly from embolisms.

Miss Dixon - also a mum-of-eight - became a shoulder to cry on, having been close friend’s with Dooley’s partner.

On the morning of July 13, found her three-year-old son playing with a black plastic tube in the front garden of her home in Hazelhurst Road, Ribbleton.

The tube had a fuse and upon opening, black powder came out onto her young son’s hands.

The family was evacuated while bomb squad officers investigated the scene. Explosives experts concluded the was a viable nail bomb and had the sun hit the device it could have exploded, killing Levigh instantly.

Dooley, of Slaidburn Road, Ribbleton, pleaded guilty to making an explosive.

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