Criticism of decision to sack officers

Rachel Baines, Lancashire Police Federation

Rachel Baines, Lancashire Police Federation

A decision to fire four detectives for their part in a car-buying ‘scam’ has been called into question by the Lancashire Police Federation.

The officers - a Detective Chief Inspector, a Detective Inspector, a Detective Sergeant and a Detective Constable, all part of a special covert policing unit based in Hutton, were found guilty of gross misconduct by a panel last week.

Without authorisation, they had been buying specific makes and models of cars for undercover policing work, knowing that within months, the force would sell the cars at heavily reduced prices.

At this point, the officers bought cars for their own personal use.

Lancashire Police Federation chairman Rachel Baines said: “Lancashire Police Federation fully accept that an investigation into such allegations must take place, but on behalf of the officers, we are extremely disappointed with the result.

“We believe there are lessons to be learnt by the constabulary and we will be working with them to ensure future failings are avoided.

“The officers are considering whether an appeal is appropriate.”

However, the decision to dismiss the officers, some of whom had decades of service, has been supported by Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw,.

Mr Grunshaw said: “I fully support the actions of the Constabulary in this matter.

“I want everyone to have the highest level of confidence in the police and through their actions this minority have let the vast majority of dedicated and hard-working officers and staff of the Constabulary down.”

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