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A giant scale model of a seaside landmark has been brought to a Preston antique dealer.

The 20-foot Blackpool Tower statue was driven to Lancashire from the south coast, and is now on display at a city mill.

Now experts are aiming to sell the vintage structure for around £3,000, and hope to return it to its coastal home.

Joe Duckworth, of Witch Antiques at Preston Antique Centre in New Hall Lane, is the third generation in his family’s antique business. He said: “This came from a business man in the south of England who we purchased it off.

“He had quite a lot of airport things as well – he had a load of Lancaster Bomber wheels.”

Joe, 27, said he thought the tower and the wheels may have originally come from the airport in Blackpool, although it was difficult to be sure.

He said: “There’s no provenance with it so there’s a bit of guess work.

“It’s just under 20 feet, it’s made from steel and we are estimating it is mid 20th century.

“We would say it is pre-war, but it’s difficult to fix an age to it. Going off the weathering we would estimate about that age.

“But you can really see the detail if you look at the scale model and the tower itself, they have gone to some trouble to get it looking exact.”

The tower model was driven to Preston on a flat bed lorry.

Joe said: “About six guys had to help lug it onto a flat bed lorry and then we towed it back to Preston. Luckily the top comes off it, otherwise it would have been a bit more of a pain.

“I would say it weighs almost half a tonne - it’s a weighty thing.”

Joe, who has worked in the antiques business for about 18 months, said the tower was one of the most interesting items he had seen at the mill and “definitely the biggest”.

He said: “We struggled to get it through the door – that’s why it’s outside.

“We’ve just got it as a bit of an interesting piece outside the shop for people to see.

“There’s a lot of people interested in it and having their picture taken with it.

“Eventually somebody will probably buy it.

“There’s a lot of renovation going on around 
Blackpool so there might be 
interested in the scale model.

“It would be nice for it to go back to where it came from, which we think is Blackpool.

“It’s going to be £2,800.”




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